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Shop Spotlight: Rudy’s Music – New York

Rudy Pensa, the owner of Rudy’s Music, talks with Guitar Shop TV about the vintage guitar market from his new Soho store on Broome Street in downtown Manhattan. Pensa discusses the buying opportunities created by the recession and when he expects to see the vintage guitar market recover. Pensa also shows off his “new love,” a blond ash Fender Stratocaster from 1959.

Rudy’s Music has been an institution on New York’s 48th Street block of music stores since he and his wife, Fran, opened Rudy’s Music there in 1978. Pensa began studying classical guitar in his home country, Argentina, and began building and collecting electric guitars in his teens. When Pensa met Dire Straits guitarist Mark Knopfler in 1980, they formed an enduring friendship and together created the Pensa MK, one of the most sought-after custom guitars in the world. Eric Clapton, Lou Reed and many other top guitarists play Pensa guitars.

Visiting musicians as well as New York’s top session guitarists swing by Rudy’s uptown and downtown shops to drool over the ever-changing collection of gorgeous vintage instruments and new Pensas.