Rock Fashion by Hedi Slimane


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Rock Fashion by Hedi Slimane

Need a perfectly tailored, impossibly slim, sharp suit? Checkout Hedi Slimane. The LA Times calls fashion designer HediSlimane “the man responsible for the way rock and roll lookstoday.” His signature stovepipe trousers and narrow jackets havebeen seen everywhere— on David Bowie, Beck, Elton John,Bryan Ferry, Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters, Thurston Mooreof Sonic Youth, Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand.For the kickoff of the Rolling Stones’ A Bigger Bang tour, MickJagger had Slimane design his skin-tight blue metallic jeans andsilver satin jacket.


Slimane single-handedly brought back the razor-slim men’s suitwhen he was designing for Dior Homme, where Pete Dohertyof The Libertines and Baby Shambles (and Kate Moss’s druggythen-boyfriend), was his muse. In spring 2010, Slimane did suitsin his sharp, sleek lines for Prada. Rumor has it his own label is
coming soon.


Slimane was born in Paris and is of Italian, Tunisian andBrazilian descent. He’s also a photographer; in fact he createdthe cover and promotional art for Lady Gaga’s album The FameMonster.

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