Phil Jones Briefcase Amps – Mighty Mites!

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Phil Jones Briefcase Amps – Mighty Mites!

Compact guitar amps that pack a mighty punch


“Be prepared to catch your chin before it hits the floor.” That how Phil Jones Amps describes the powerful impact of its compact amps series for bassists and guitarists—They are really amazing—We were really impressed by the volume tine and overall quality of these briefcase sized amps, worthy of your consideration.
According to the Phil Jones Amp website:  “….. you might not use this amp for the next Woodstock. For the next small to medium size gig? You certainly might. The CUB’s power, projection and sonic personality belie its petite frame and delivers the sound of your guitar. Transparent. Clean. Clear. Pure.  At 11.5 lbs., carry your guitar and amp with one hand. Sign autographs with the other.

Acoustic gigs. Jazz gigs. Even rock gigs-put a pedal in front of this amp, and you will be blown away by 100 watts of pure sound produced by two 5” drivers. Universal power means you can get jet across the globe and not worry about the amp working The AG-100 can be stand mounted on the optional ST001 model stand for improved performance.

“I knew it was 100 watts, but with such a tiny package, you just don’t expect that sort of volume…….it’s hard to think of an amp that rivals it”

Check the video above for a demo of these remarkable amps–In this clip, bassist Bobby Vega demos a PJB Briefcase amp with a ’61 Fender Jazz Bass—-Amazing! For more information click HERE

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