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Perri Ink Custom Guitars Introduces Mojave and Capistrano

American custom guitar co. unleashes a pair of stripped-down rockers


Perri Ink Custom Guitars has released a pair of stripped-down, rocking new axes: the Mojave, and the Capistrano.


The Mojave is a signature model built for guitarist Noah Engh. It has an alder body and a gold top finish and  comes equipped with a single Bare Knuckle Nantucket P90 pickup. It has a maple neck, a rosewood board, painted headstock and a single volume knob.


The Capistrano has a black stained, contoured alder body and is likewise equipped with one Bare Knuckle Nantucket P90. It’s got a Rutter’s half bridge with brass saddles, a one-piece maple neck and a single volume and tone knob.


“These guitars were designed for one thing – rock and roll,” explains company founder Nick Perri. “No aesthetics in the world could change that so we decided to keep it simple.”


Perri founded Perri Ink Custom Guitars in 2009 and the company produces only a limited number of instruments every year.


To help promote the release of the Mojave and the Capistrano, the company produced this cool Spaghetti Western style promo video in the California desert.


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