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Shop Spotlight: 30th Street Guitars – New York

30th Street Guitars, NYC: As one veteran New York studio guitarist put it: “This is really the only guitar shop in Manhattan for the working guitarist. Every place else is aimed at the wealthy, the kids, or the wealthy kids.” Be that as it may, 30th Street Guitars certainly runs a professional operation, and their staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.



In addition to their truly impressive collection of vintage 1950′s and 60′s Gibsons, Gretsches, Fenders, and Rickenbackers, they are carry a smaller but equally impressive inventory of vintage amps and effects. They also run a top-notch repair shop and are very thorough and systematic in their diagnostic approach, with great customer service. They are conveniently located directly across the street from the 30th Street rehearsal building, home to Ultrasound Studios and many other pro rehearsal spaces, and usually attract a lot of traffic from pro musicians. Guitar Shop TV sat down with owner Matt Brewster, who showed us a few cool vintage axes from his inventory.

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