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Exclusive Interview: Top Studio Guitarists Alan Schwartz

Alan Schwartz is a time-honored veteran of the guitar world and one of New York‘s most exciting players. He has more than twenty years of studio experience and is a first-call session guitarist for some of the top studios in New York and Los Angeles. He’s worked with many of the top names in music, including Sean “Diddy” Combs, Vanessa Carlton, and many, many others.


Schwartz jokingly describes himself as being in the “musician’s witness protection program”, referring to the relative obscurity of the modern session player. That said, he’s one of the busiest and most in-demand studio session players around, and has done hundreds of commercials, movie soundtracks, and TV soundtracks, including work for Ethan Coen (of The Coen Brothers), MTV, CBS, NBC, HBO, ABC, ESPN, and many more. Schwartz’s playing is heard on the radio & TV every day, every year, in dozens of countries around the world.


A brilliant musician, instructor, and composer, Schwartz is known for his stylistic versatility, musicality, feeling, and pocket, as well as his “killer” blues, funk, and rock solos. He recently shared his artistic insights with Guitar Shop TV for an upcoming episode, in which he discusses his influences, the New York guitar scene, and how to construct powerful solos. In this short clip, he fires off a tasteful impromtu shuffle solo, a la Albert King.

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