Shop Spotlight: Chelsea Guitars – New York

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Shop Spotlight: Chelsea Guitars – New York

Chelsea Guitars owner Dan Courtenay shows Guitar Shop TV the store’s collection of vintage and “affordable” guitars. As he says, “I don’t consider myself a ‘vintage’ guitar dealer; I consider myself a ‘used’ guitar dealer.”


This small, unpretentious store adjacent to the famous Chelsea Hotel is a rock-star hangout for artists like Billy Corgan and The Hives, who come for the huge selection of unusual guitars and rare guitars. Chelsea Guitars is also known for quality setups and repairs that can border on miraculous.


As Courtenay notes in this clip, you can get a great ’63 Fender Strat for thousands less just because it’s been refinished—and that doesn’t really change that it sounds pretty much the same as an un-refinished ’63 Strat. Courtenay also shows off an original TV Yellow Les Paul circa 1957. If you visit the store, ask Dan to show you some of the rare and odd guitars from his personal stash.

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