Great Venues: Twelfth & Porter – Nashville

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Great Venues: Twelfth & Porter – Nashville

A cornerstone of Nashville’s booming music scene, Twelfth & Porter endears itself to locals and touring musicians as a small venue with a big, bold sound. The joint was immortalized in recordings like Townes Van Zandt’s Live and Obscure (recorded here in April 1985) and in the lyrics of Ryan Adams’ song “Tennessee Sucks.” (On the Demolition track, Adams sings: “Cause I’m getting by with a 12-pack from 12th & Porter with Billy /4:30 a.m. at night.”)

The venue has also evoked its fair share of mind-blowing one-off performances — i.e. Neil Young’s surprise 2005 show. You’ll find more indie rock acts here than country, and lots and lots of label showcase-type gatherings. Twelfth and Porter’s layout confuses and frustrates some first-time patrons because once you’ve entered the bar portion of the venue, you have to go through a separate door on the left to access the darker nightclub setting. That’s where the rock and roll happens. Check out the video below for a quick peak: