Gear Profile: One Incredible Vintage Amp Collection

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Gear Profile: One Incredible Vintage Amp Collection

Brent Ware, a private collector based in Nashville, describes his huge collection of vintage amplifiers and guitars as “forty-five years of complete insanity.” Ware’s collection includes over 300 amps and a couple hundred guitars. Here he shows Guitar Shop TV selections from his personal amplifier collection at his farm’s storage facility, including Jimi Hendrix’s 1967 Plexi, which was damaged in an arson fire!


Ware talks about how he was first inspired to collect when he began working as a college student with Rick Neilsen and Robin Zander from Cheap Trick. He also shows off a very cool-looking Rickenbacker Transonic amp–one of a pair that was loaned to Led Zeppelin for the band’s first US tour, which Zeppelin wound up dumping in a California parking lot because the amps sound was not even remotely right for heavy British rock!


Ware also shows off some mint Acoustic bass amplifiers and a Sunn Coliseum amp—very common amps back in the 1960s that are difficult to find today. This guy is too cool for school and his amp collection rocks!

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