New Video: Midnight Empire’s “Can’t Get Enough”


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New Video: Midnight Empire’s “Can’t Get Enough”

GSTV’s December Artist Showcase winners release rocking new video


By Alex Baker


Midnight Empire are a Dallas hard rock outfit that first came to our attention late last year when they won our December Artist Showcase.


Conceived as a kind of snotty bastard offspring of AC/DC and Guns N Roses, Midnight Empire are a hard-rocking bunch of lads from Dallas, Texas. Like GNR, Midnight Empire have got a look, a sound, and an attitude.


The band has already made waves locally and nationally, having landed more than a dozen television licensing deals for their songs and garnered airplay on stations across the country.


You’ll surely dig the guitar tone and the ripping solo in this, the band’s latest video for “Can’t Get Enough.”