Metallica’s “Through the Never” Trailer

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Metallica’s “Through the Never” Trailer

Metallica unveil a one minute teaser trailer for their innovative new IMAX film


By Alex Baker


Metallica have released a trailer for Through the Never, an innovative IMAX 3D concert film that’s set to hit theaters this fall.


Through the Never is primarily a concert film that draws on footage from three shows the band played Vancouver. However there is also a narrative arc interwoven through the film, featuring actor Dane DeHaan playing a member of the band’s road crew.


It all looks pretty intriguing in the trailer that features DeHaan getting into a car crash and being pursued by demonic horsemen while Metallica tear through “Master of Puppets” amidst an elaborate stage set.


Through the Never hits IMAX theaters on September 27 and will receive a wider release on October 4.

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