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Metallica “Through the Never” – New Clips Released

Metallica unveil two new clips from their upcoming feature film “Through the Never”


It’s not out in theaters just yet, or available on video, but if you’ve been dying for a closer look at Metallica’s upcoming film, Through the Never, you’re in luck as the band has just dropped two new clips online.


The film, which is slated to be released in 3D iMax, is one part concert movie and one part The Warriors. It tells the story of a fictional Metallica roadie named Trip who’s played by actor Dane DeHaan (The Amazing Spiderman 2, Chronicle).


Dispatched to run an important errand on the night of a gig, Trip finds himself in the midst of a surreal conflict between a totalitarian horse-mounted police force and a rather frightening looking street mob sporting gas masks and balaclavas.



The film’s action in inter-cut with clips of the band playing live renditions of classic Metallica tracks like “Ride the Lightning,” “Master of Puppets” and “Enter Sandman.”



Through the Never is set to make its theatrical 3D iMax debut on September 27 and will then be given a broader theatrical release on October 4.


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