Great Venues: BB King Blues Club – Memphis

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Great Venues: BB King Blues Club – Memphis

B.B. Kings


Guitar Shop TV travels to Memphis Tennessee for some great soul food and hot blues by the smokin’ house band at the original B.B. King’s Blues Club on fabled Beale Street. Legendary blues guitarist B.B. King was born Riley B. King, and got his start in Memphis in 1948, where he worked as a singer and DJ at local R&B radio station WDIA. He was nicknamed the Beale Street Blues Boy, later shortened to B.B.

Like its namesake in ancient Egypt, Memphis is the gateway to a great river delta. Here, people from all over the Mississippi Delta gathered in the early-mid 1900s before heading south to find work in the ports of New Orleans or north to the stockyards and factories of Chicago and Detroit. Many great blues artists traveled here from the plantations and small towns of the surrounding Delta, seeking to make their names in the music clubs on Beale Street.


In Memphis they heard each other’s music, and where people from different regions collide, new music forms were born. “Memphis is arguably the most musical city on the planet,” Larry Nager wrote in Memphis Beat. “Its given us the country blues of Memphis Minnie and Memphis Slim, the electric blues of BB King, and Elvis Presley’s rock ‘n’ roll.” Enjoy this glimpse of one of the coolest music cities in the world, and better yet, visit Memphis! It’s a music lover’s paradise and well worth the trip!

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