Great Venues: The Legendary Sun Studio in Memphis

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Great Venues: The Legendary Sun Studio in Memphis

Guitar Shop TV sits behind the board with engineer Matt Ross-Spang at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, “the most famous recording studio in the world,” where Elvis Presley was discovered and the first rock and roll hit single, “Rocket 88” was recorded in 1951. Ross-Spang talks about the history of Sun and why it’s so special.


Sun Stuidos

Sun Studio was opened in 1950 by the legendary producer and rock pioneer Sam Philips. It bills itself as “the “Birthplace of Rock and Roll” because the first big rock single, “Rocket 88” by Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats was recorded there in 1951, with song composer Ike Turner on keys. Sun Studio is also home to the legendary “Million Dollar Quartet‘ of Elvis Presley, Johnnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins. Many other great blues, R&B, Rock, and country artists recorded at Sun, including Howlin’ Wolf, U2, BB King and Roy Orbison.


Philips used the studio to start up Sun Records. His most famous signing was the young Elvis Presley, whom he introduced to guitarist Scotty Moore. This place is totally cool, and Sun Studio is a must-see in Memphis as it played an important role in the history of Rock-n-Roll. As folks like to say in Tennessee: IF MUSIC WAS RELIGION, THEN MEMPHIS WOULD BE JERUSALEM AND SUN STUDIO ITS MOST HOLY SHRINE… Check it out!

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