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Holiday Gift Tip: Marshall’s 50th Anniversary Rock Trivia Board Game

The Rock Science Marshall Amplification 50th Anniversary Board Game


By Alex Baker


Marshall amplification recently celebrated its 50th anniversary as the leading name in electric guitar amplification. To honor the esteemed British amp makers, Rock Science released the Marshall Amplification 50th Anniversary board game on December 1. The game is available, both online and at Guitar Center locations across the country.


Contained in a box designed to look like a Marshall amp head, the board game has over 1600 rock trivia questions, that range from early rock on up to the latest contemporary bands.


Rock Science is a game for two to six players, the object of which is to be the first to make a lap around the board using your knowledge of rock and a bit of good luck. Questions in the game are related to bands, rockers, albums, songs, stories, groupies, myths, guitars amps and more. Sounds like our kind of game! Sure to make a great gift for rock trivia loving individuals or families on your shopping list.



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