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Mad Dog Blog: Three New Bands You Should be Listening to

GSTV introduces “The Mad Dog Blog” and three new bands to watch in 2013


By “The Mad Dog”


You’re born, you rock, you die…….any questions ? Well, the first one that springs to mind who is this Mad Dog geezer imposing himself and his opinions on unsuspecting citizens of the blogosphere ? I’m just a music-loving Brit nut who, as the t-shirt says, “may be old but he got to see some of the best bands on earth’.


I like my rock classic with plenty of roll. I like my melodies doused with harmonies, I like a riff as raw as an unlicked cub, I like a groove as cool as the other side of your pillow, a bass line as thick as a whale omelette, a voice that brings tears to your ears.


Frank Zappa said “without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid”….Amen, brother. So, I thought I’d use some of that time to tell you something I think is very important – and ‘cos, frankly, I was getting a tad concerned about it.


I got to thinking about who is going to take over from the likes of AC/DC, the Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Dylan, CSN, even the UK’s now iconic Status Quo (go on America, give them a try….I’ll give $5 to everyone who says no part of their body moved whilst listening to this band of boogie-meisters) and many, many others who are just….well…..getting to that age. These bands and many others like them have either been performing for 40 plus years or are still producing music which is like the proverbial sore dick… just can’t beat it.


I hear lots of good music these days but mostly from bands I just know we won’t remember in 5 years, let alone in 40 or 50 years. It may be that my generation will be the last one to experience bands which have such global appeal and longevity.


Well, fear not – the future of top quality classic rock music is being cradled very lovingly in the soft velvet protective casings of some great new, young bands/artists and I trust them with it implicitly.



Check out Pearl Handled Revolver’s first album, Colossus. This Bedford, UK five piece have just launched the follow up album (This Mountain Waits, out 16  April 2013….just waiting for the Amazon guy to get off his extended, compulsory French lunch break and….. deliver !) and judging by how Colossus, at various times, slaps you upside the head with meaty riffology, kicks you in the nuts with its driving grooves, caresses your cheek with some silky Hammond keys or just gets you jigging around like you used to in front of the mirror with your sister’s tennis racquet,  I personally can’t wait. There is a bit of everything on Colossus – from the bitchin’ opener of “Stone Thrower“, the beautiful lament “Resonate”, the rousing “Stop The Dead” which I would imagine Sknyrd wished they had written and the Doors’esque “White Lines”, there is light and shade, pace and punch, gravelly and then graceful vocals from Lee Vernon. Well worth a listen and if This Mountain Waits…..then so do I, with baited breath ! (



Next up, get an earful of the UK’s The Temperance Movement – tipping a hat to the organization formed during the American Revolution in 1826, these boys embrace all that is good about Southern Rock (and let’s face it, there ain’t nothing bad about it !). Their debut EP “Pride” had me punching the air whilst driving on the freeway. There is some excellent Fender-twanging on these five tracks and they can certainly write a ditty too. Swaggering like the Crowes, this band’s early confidence is well justified and the EP teaser for the full and forthcoming new album is like good chips and salsa….you can’t wait for the Burrito (


Always partial to a rasping lady chanteuse, I strongly recommend a great new voice for 2013 in the budding talent of Alex Hepburn. It was, in fact, my 6 year old son (that is 6 going on 23 musically) who introduced me to her, saying “she sings with a voice like she’s been sick for a long time”. And that’s pretty accurate – in a good way, of course. Throaty and husky, Alex’s voice envelopes you like a warm blanket, invoking the great Maggie Bell and Janis Joplin with passion and power aplenty – oh yeah, and she’s gorgeous too ! Her new album “Together Alone” is out in October and I’m very excited about it. (


‘Til next time……check out these new artists – we’ll know if you don’t and will visit you in the small hours and put a bat up your nightshirt.

Rock on !

The Mad Dog

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