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Lemmy on Motorhead, Playing in Hawkwind and Jamming with Hendrix

In a recent interview with Classic Rock Revisited Motorhead frontman Lemmy revealed that he was so excited when he joined Hawkwind back in the early Seventies, that he’d still be in the band today if he hadn’t been fired.


“I got fired,” explained Lemmy. “I wasn’t thinking about leaving them. It was a great band to be in, onstage at least.”


Lemmy also explained that after being booted from the celebrated space rock outfit it wasn’t any desire for revenge that spurred him into forming Motorhead.


“What was I going to do? I had to put another band together didn’t I? I was so sick of getting fired that I decided to put my own band together so I couldn’t be fired ever again.”


In the extensive interview Lemmy also tells of jamming with Jimi Hendrix through his relationship with Experience bassplayer, Noel Redding, who was his roommate at the time.


“I wasn’t that impressed with Noel to be honest,” explained the bass playing frontman.


What did the man who penned such punk-metal prototype classics as “Ace of Spades” remember of jamming with Hendrix?


“It was just the blues and it only lasted about ten minutes,” he recalled.


Motorhead’s most recent release was 2011′s The World Is Yours, which debuted at no. 1 in Germany and no. 2 on Amazon in the UK.


“I never thought we’d have another hit like that, but we’ve had one, so that’s good. All those Europeans can’t be wrong.”


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