Led Zeppelin’s Stolen $200,000 Explored in New Film

Filmmakers currently seeking funds to complete Fleecing Led Zeppelin


In July of 1973 Led Zeppelin were staying at NYC’s ritzy Drake Hotel while they were in town playing Madison Square Garden. On the morning of the 29th Plant, Page and co. awoke to discover that $200,000 in cash had been plundered from their safety deposit box at the hotel. No trace of the missing cash, which would be worth about $1.1 million in today’s dollars, was ever found.


The case made headlines at the time and was notable as there were no signs of tampering with the safe deposit box. Zeppelin tour manager Richard Cole claimed everything was where it should’ve been when the box had been sealed. Despite the princely sum, the band didn’t really press the investigation (they were busy doing other things after all) and the case was never solved.


Now, 40 years later, a pair of filmmakers are turning to crowd-funding to complete a film project about the plundered cash.


Screenwriter Jackie May Tolliver and director Gabe Tolliver have already began shooting Fleecing Led Zeppelin, a short film on the Drake Hotel heist. Currently they’re seeking $35,000 in funding to finish the film.


“The Drake Hotel is long gone,” explains screenwriter Jackie May, “There’s no sign of the money. But somebody took it. Was it manager Peter Grant? Road manager Richard Cole? Housekeeping?”


The filmmakers hope to use the completed short to raise industry funding and eventually turn the project into a full-length feature.


“It’s a fan movie, for lovers of history,” says Jackie May. “Or for folks who just want to know what happened to that money.”


In their own words, the filmmakers need the 35 grand for “editing, sound design, music rights, DVD, advertising and film festivals, which ain’t cheap.”


Check out the trailer below and if you want to kick down some, visit the film’s Indiegogo campaign page, which will be open until November 3.



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