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Led Zeppelin III Cover Artist Dies

It was revealed today in a report in the online addition of Classic Rock Magazine that the artist Zacron, who is best known for having designed the sleeve for Led Zeppelin III, has died at the age of 69. Zacron, whose real name was Richard Drew, actually passed away in January. However the artist was estranged from his family so the news of his passing has only just surfaced.


Born in Surrey, Zacron has a contemporary of Eric Clapton’s at Kingston College of Art, where he first met future Zeppelin guitar hero Jimmy Page in the late ‘50s. Ten years later the artist was commissioned to design the sleeve for Zeppelin III, which was based on a concept conceived of by Page.


In addition to his work for Led Zeppelin, Zacron designed the cover of Fancy’s 1975 release Something to Remember. The artist was also a lecturer at Leeds College of Art and the founder of the Media Centre, an organization established to advise artists and art material manufacturers.


Outside of his artistic career, which spanned five decades, Zacron was also an advocate for artistic freedom and a major financial contributor to the Great Almond Street Hospital, a London facility for terminally ill children.


The rock and artistic communities will both mourn the passing of this innovative artist.

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