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LA WEEKLY: The Seven Sexiest Guitars

LA Weekly recently put out a list of their picks for the seven sexiest guitars. Below is a quick excerpt from their list. Be sure to hit the link after the jump for the full rundown, and be sure to leave a comment with some of your own favorites.


The Seven Sexiest Guitars

By LA Weekly

Martin Acoustic 000-18 Kenny Sultan Sunburst Custom Signature Edition
For those of you who prefer an intimate encounter, this sunburst beauty will inspire ballads and Bic lighters. Her solid premium tonewoods, mahogany neck and scalloped 1/4″ width Adirondack spruce top braces give this guitar’s tone a sensual sound that will cause your fingers to quiver as you flow through the chords.








Chalicecaster Guitar
What can be said about this vampiric beauty? Her image alone leaves me speechless. Rumored to be found in a 1957 Cadillac, Tony Cochran’s custom-modified Fender Stratocaster is an ode to the inner beauty of these divinely inspired instruments.





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