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LA Venues: The Viper Room

By now, is there anyone alive who doesn’t know Johnny Depp is one of the original partners in what’s become a fast part of L.A. rock ‘n’ roll history? Right in the very heart of lively Sunset Strip, the Viper Room is a good ole fashioned rock ‘n’ roll club with metal or hard rock acts taking the stage, and name rockers sitting in sometimes—or sitting in the audience. It can be packed or dead, depending on the night and the act, and the crowd tends to be very young and L.A. scruffy—which means, intentionally scruffy.


It’s a very small room, so you’re right in the action here. Sometimes they expand from the hard rock theme, and book house/techno and pop/rock acts. The nicely located side booths are always reserved, and the drinks are deceptively expensive, despite the size and look of this place. Tuesdays have traditionally been its best night, but rock ‘n roll rules on Mondays and now Thursdays has turned into quite the scene. And this scene always includes denim and leather. This place is still one of the icons of the LA Rock scene, and well worth checking out.

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