Great Venues: The Roxy Theatre – Los Angeles

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Great Venues: The Roxy Theatre – Los Angeles

The Roxy is one of the most famous rock and roll clubs in the world.  The club, which is located on the Sunset Strip just down from the Whisky, opened in 1973 and was host to early L.A. shows by ‘70s glam rock acts like David Bowie.  Over the years the stage at the Roxy has been graced by a who’s who of rock royalty featuring the likes of Bowie, Neil Young and Bob Marley as well as early performances from seminal local acts like Guns & Roses and Jane’s Addiction.

The club is still active today.  Although like its neighbor the Whisky, it no longer occupies the same headspace in the local musical consciousness as it did in the ‘70s, ‘80s and early ‘90s.  Still the Roxy remains one of the best sounding rock clubs in L.A. and on any given night of the week it can feature a good calendar of up and coming local or touring acts ranging in musical styles from rap and reggae to the rock and roll for which the Roxy Theatre is so famous. For a sneak peak, check out this sometimes shaky but still exciting video shot by an enthusiastic fan, featuring Demi Lovato live at The Roxy: