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LA Venues: The El Rey Theater


The El Rey is yet another great L.A. deco theater. Built in 1936, it’s got sweeping staircases, an outdoor patio, a cafe and a balcony lounge. And it’s located in the Miracle Mile area of L.A., a preserved art deco district. For 80 years it was a first-run movie theater, and didn’t become a live music hall until 1994. But since then, it’s become a popular alternative music venue.


On the other hand, Mick Jagger played here when he was releasing a solo album, so anything can happen. Be warned: there’s no seating, it’s standing room only and all tickets are general admission, so get there early. These days, The El Rey is being used by record companies anxious to showcase promising new acts—and music biz execs and the 20 something scene are all too happy to oblige.

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