Great Venues: House of Blues – Los Angeles

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Great Venues: House of Blues – Los Angeles

The House of Blues operates some 12 venues in several different cities around the country. However the HOB on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood is perhaps the crown jewel of the chain. The HOB Sunset is massively large for a club venue. The high ceiling and vast amount of open space in front of the stage give the club the acoustics of a medieval church. The club’s rustic wooden interior and engineered sound system means the music sounds good just about anywhere you stand.



The club makes a habit of booking some of the most eclectic and interesting touring acts on the scene today. On a Sunset Strip that has become increasingly tacky and devoid of taste, the House of Blues stands out like a bastion of quality. Fans of southern cooking and gospel music will not want to miss the HOB’s weekly Sunday gospel brunch, which features a live gospel revue and an all-you-can-eat buffet.

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