LA Players: Joe Satriani – “Andalusia”

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LA Players: Joe Satriani – “Andalusia”

Joe Satriani is a guitarist whose style resembles a modern updating of the classic blues-rock style pioneered by past greats like Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmore (whom Satriani would at one point replace as lead guitarist for Rainbow). Satriani is unique amongst guitar heroes in that he began his career as a teacher and is able to count the likes of Steve Vai, Kirk Hammett and Charlie Hunter among his former students. Satriani’s success in fact followed closely on the heels of that of his former student, Steve Vai. As a newly successful lead guitarist for David Lee Roth, Vai mentioned Satriani in several interviews, helping to open the door for Satriani’s breakthrough album Surfing With the Alien.

In addition to his solo career and stint with Deep Purple, Satriani has toured as a lead guitarist for Mick Jagger, and collaborated with such 6-string illuminati as Brian May, Yngwie Malmsteen and Robert Fripp. He is also the founder of the G3 Concert Series, a successful concert tour that, along with Satriani, has featured Vai, Malmsteen, Uli Roth and Michael Schenker. On the gear front Satriani favors his signature guitar, the Ibanez JS Series. Satriani is unique in that he also has a signature model amp, the Peavey JSX as well as several signature model effects including the VOX “Satchurator” distortion pedal which takes its name from Satriani’s nickname, “Satch.” Satriani released his most recent album entitled Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards in the fall of 2010.