Johnny Cooper: Rising Star of Country Rock

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Johnny Cooper: Rising Star of Country Rock

Johnny Cooper is a singularly talented singer/songwriter/guitarist who hails from Wichita Falls, Texas. We’ve been following Johnny for almost a year, and this guy is really something special! A formidable frontman at 23, Cooper possesses a high, cutting rock timbre that instantly grabs your attention and yet goes down as smooth as velvet. With his backing band in tow, Cooper plays some 200 live shows a year. As he slashes and croons his way through original material that’s an enticing blend of rock, soul, blues and pop.

Check out our interview with Johnny Cooper and highlights of a LIVE performance of his latest summer smash hit, “Moving On”. Johnny talks about his 22 guitars and his inspiration behind the new single, as well as his work in the studio with Kimberly Dunn.

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