Varvatos: Rock Fashion That Can Even Pretty-Up ZZ Top

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Varvatos: Rock Fashion That Can Even Pretty-Up ZZ Top

John Varvatos is a famous fashion designer from Detroit, Michigan who served for Ralph Lauren‘s Polo line and Calvin Klein before launching his own company that vends his signature collection.


Varvatos actually launched the Polo Jeans Company and was even licensed by Converse to make a line of high-end, high fashion All Star’s which became so popular that he still makes them today as part of his own line.


Varvatos credits his fashion sense to an obsession with the Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle and a heavy- hitting rock scene in Detroit when he was growing up. In fact, some of Varvatos’ ads have featured famous Stooges front man and Detroit native Iggy Pop, in addition to a slew of other rock stars such as Jimmy Page, Perry Farrell, Franz Ferdinand and ZZ Top.


So the guy’s made a living in fashion by being down with Iggy and the Stooges, dirty pairs of Chuck Taylor’s, denim and leather. Pretty awesome way to make a fortune, huh?


While his clothes cost be a small fortune—expect to pay around a hundred bucks for a t-shirt— Varvatos is the real deal, making rock inspired clothing so that rockers can keep inspiring. Just ask the slew of rock stars that modeled for John Varvaos’ recent 10th anniversary ad campaign: Here’s just what some of our favorite rockers have said about John:


Perry Farrell: “John Varvatos has been able to capture the spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll in clothes. He’s given both the players and the listeners something they can proudly wear to meet the music in style. “

Iggy Pop: “He’s not the sort of guy who gets to be a drag. Not at all a table-hopper, he doesn’t talk too much, pretty smooth guy.”

Ian Hunter: “Any Vinyl lover is a pal of mine.”

Peter Frampton:“John Varvatos’ true understanding of both fashion and music is unparalleled.“

ZZ Top:“John Varvatos has written a new chapter in the saga of the sharp dressed man.”


Check out this video interview with John Varvatos:


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