Great Performances: John Mayer Unplugged

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Great Performances: John Mayer Unplugged

Guitar Shop TV was on hand to hear guitarist extraordinaire and Grammy-Award winner John Mayer unveil and play his new Martin 00-45SC John Mayer Signature Edition.


The instrument is already a collectors item, as only 25 of them were made. It is an extraordinarily beautiful guitar, made with rosewood and Adirondack spruce, and deep, vibrant voicings.


Mayer said he wanted people to buy it not because they are his fans, but because they like the guitar. “This is really about an artisan’s mindset in the quantity of 25,” he stated. Mayer said that out of that number, he is keeping two of them, “One to play and one to store. That’s my rule.” Each of the guitars is personally signed by Mayer and numbered.


Mayer lauded Dick Boark, Martin’s Director of Artist and Public Relations saying “Dick represents the heritage of Martin; he is almost a direct descendent almost of it.”


Mayer also praised Martin’s exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, explaining that “I do feel the guys over at Martin who build those guitars are artisans, and I know that it’s a tough world out there right now in terms of the economy, and people not getting their worth for what they do…. this guitar (the Martin 0045SC)  represents that dedication at all times to furthering artistry.”


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