Joe Satriani: New Video for “A Door Into Summer”

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Joe Satriani: New Video for “A Door Into Summer”

Satch showcases his lightning fast guitar wizardy in first video off Unstoppable Momentum


By Alex Baker


Joe Satriani has just released a video for “A Door Into Summer,” off his upcoming album, Unstoppable Momentum. The Bay Area guitar hero recorded the album at Skywalker Sound, and the new video depicts those recording sessions.


“The song celebrates the coming of summer and the promise of adventure, fun and coming of age,” said Satriani of the new song. “It’s a song about my high school memories lasting a lifetime and stil giving me that good feeling when summer rolls around.”


Satriani originally penned “A Door Into Summer” while working with Sammy Hagar’s supergroup, Chickenfoot. But Hagar and co. never got around to recording it so Satch back-pocketed the song for a time before laying it down for the new album.


“This song drove me to be more melodic and play deeper in the pocket,” said Satriani. “It’s got a huge rock and soul electric guitar presence to it, with that extra uplifting vibe.”


Unstoppable Momentum is due out May 7 and was produced by Satriani and Mike Fraser, who previously worked with AC/DC.


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