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Holiday Wish List from The Stone Foxes

San Francisco’s The Stone Foxes have had plenty to be thankful for in 2011: Successful touring sprees that included opening slots for The Black Keys, George Thorogood and Los Lonely Boys, as well as appearances at several festivals (Outside Lands, Voodoo Fest, Wakarusa among others); Radio love for their song “Hangman,” off their 2010 release Bears & Bulls; and recording a cover of Slim Harpo’s blues standard “I’m A King Bee,” which was used in the Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey national ad campaign. We checked in with them to find out about the first instrument they found under the tree and what they’re asking Santa for this Christmas.

Aaron Mort (Bass, guitar, vocals):

My Grandfather gave me my first real guitar when I was around, ehh, maybe 8 or so for Christmas. It was a nylon string Hohner guitar, I still have it, with three of the original strings still attached. I actually love the way it sounds and hate the thought of re-stringing it.

I have so much broken old equipment that really anything that worked and made noise would suffice. I wouldn’t complain if a 60′s cream colored Fender Mustang Bass with a tortoise pickguard & rosewood neck showed up under the tree…


Elliott Peltzman (Keyboard, vocals):

Well, I got a trumpet for Christmas when I was probably 9 or 10. It was an upgrade from the recorder I had been playing in school, that’s for sure.

I would LOVE to see my own upright Story and Clark piano. Of course this one would fold up into a book of matches – for portability. And it would levitate.


Spence Koehler (Lead guitar, vocals):

I got my first guitar, a small-scale acoustic, from my Aunt and Uncle for Christmas when I was 10.  It took me a while to start messing around with it, but I liked it more than piano so I stuck with it!  I think I still have that thing under a bed somewhere at my parents’ house…

I want a Fender Jazzmaster for Christmas, Olympic White with a Red Tortoise pickguard and rosewood neck, but I’ve only told Santa so I’m not holding my breath.


Shannon Koehler (Drums, vocals):

Every year I seem to find some sort of sticks in my stocking, which is always welcome.  But one year, my folks put mallets in my stocking, and from that day forward I tried to use them on every song because they sound so good on my ride.  But then, I realized I was in a rock band, and had to use them sparingly…and then I lost them.  Hope I get another pair this year. : )

For the first time in 13 years, I’m getting a new drum set (courtesy of a loan from the band, thanks guys!)!  Crazy!  A drum set that won’t move forward a foot when I use my kick peddal!  It will be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!