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Holiday Wish List from New Cassettes


How many of you out there are in desperate need of a technological update? You are not alone; New Cassettes would love for a new computer and software to appear in their studio this season. It turns out the unlimited creativity it would allow is more important than the heat their current one provides. Who would have guessed?


New Cassettes‘ singer and guitarist, Owen Reed, also offered up a list of tunes he’d like to receive this year for the holidays. It is definitely an interesting mix. Check it out to see if you and Reed share a common interest; or maybe you’re just hoping to be gifted his band’s EP  Silent Guns?


What is the dream piece of gear that you would like to show up on your doorstep this Holiday Season?
We record a lot of music in our cosy studio. The analogue pre amps and ancient Apple tower keep us warm but are hampering our creativity. Although we would all like new guitars, amps, and drums I think collectively we would love a current version of  Pro Tools loaded up on the latest top of the range Mac.


What 5 records are on your holiday wish list?
A promo copy of the forthcoming Bruce Springsteen album due out next year
Wilco – The Whole Love
Fountains of Wayne – Sky Full of Holes
Ryan Adams – Ashes and Fire
Foster the People – Torches