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Holiday Wish List: Chip Johnson of Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers

GSTV took some time to chat with a few of our favorite artists about what’s on their wish lists this Holiday season. Chip Johnson, resident gear head from Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, shared with us a few things that are on his list:
“Being a new face in the SK6ers camp, I’m enjoying gear that is already a part of their live show, but is new to me. I’ve been playing Stephen’s reissue of a ‘72 Telecaster Custom, and Vox AC30 custom classic, while on guitar, and Kit’s beautiful Nash P-Bass for my bass duties. As an owner of my own recording studio ( I’m always struggling with what to buy (or in this case, ask for) next. There is always so much gear to buy in the studio! Since this is a guitar blog, I’ll say I’ve been chatting with Sam Getz (from the Sixers) a lot, and I really want a Gretsch Country Gentleman”.

“I have a few guitars (Strat, Danelectro, Les Paul) and I’m really looking to step up my game with my next guitar.  That would be a wonderful Holiday surprise! For smaller, more realistic presents, any pedals made by Strymon are welcome…I have a few, and I love all of them”.

“Even though I occasionally buy music online, I’m still a big fan of owning the CD. I like to see who played what instruments, who produced the album, and how the artwork matches the music. We’ve been listening to the new Ryan Adams (Ashes and Fire), and Wilco (The Whole Love), albums a lot in the van on this tour. I’ll definitely be putting those on my holiday wish list. They are both great records, and I’ll want to listen to those when I’m off the road.”

“When I was fourteen, I got my first bass for Christmas. I had been toying around with an electric guitar I had gotten a few months prior, but something was pushing me to the bass. I guess I was always meant to be a behind-the-scenes, support player. The bass was an oddly shaped, purple sunburst Samick. I picked it out with my parents, and would sneak down to the basement, and play it a lot, on the weeks leading up to Christmas. I’m sure my parents could figure out what I was up to, but it was clear from the beginning that I was meant to be on bass. After moving through some custom basses, a 6-string Modulus (when I was at Berklee), and a few fretless basses, I’ve settled on a 4-string Fender world. I have a 1975 Telecaster bass as my main instrument at home. But, touring with Kit’s Nash bass is really making me want one!”
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