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Holiday Guide: With Lions


What do you want for the holidays? …the question that either provokes wide eyes and an immediate response, or a a major racking of the brain. When it comes to dream gear, both members of With Lions know exactly what they want; and it happens to be the same thing. As far as the best musically related holiday present, they both shared stories about instruments; alas, not similar at all this time. Read both answers below to get into the spirit of the season and learn a little bit about With Lions.


What is the dream piece of gear that you would like to show up on your doorstep this Holiday Season?
Dangerous 2-Bus and Apogee coverters
What he said…

What’s the best musical holiday present you ever received? What was it, how old were you and what is the story behind it  (was it a totally surprise, it is something you wanted, who gave it to you)?
My first guitar, a black Fender Strat with Fender amp, on Christmas Day when I was 13. I was obsessed with Nirvana and saw Kurt playing one. I wouldn’t shut up about it for months and that morning I woke to find both guitar and amp under the tree courtesy of my mom. It was the beginning of a lifelong journey.
Woody: A ukelele my lady bought while on a trip to Hawaii. Very surprised.  I love getting quirky stringed instruments to use in the studio.