Holiday Gift Tip: The Fender USB-Enabled Squier Stratocaster

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Holiday Gift Tip: The Fender USB-Enabled Squier Stratocaster

New model Squier Strat can be plugged directly into your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or computer


By Alex Baker


Digital recording accessories have generally been devices that allow analog instruments to interface with technology. But Fender‘s new USB-enabled Squier model Stratocaster could prove to be something of a game-changer.  The new Squier Strat sports an on-board mini-USB connector that eliminates the middleman, making it easy to interface directly with any USB or iOS device, without the need for additional components. And it can still be plugged into any standard quarter-inch amp jack for old school, non-digital strumming and shredding. The Fender Squier USB Strat also has a stereo headphone jack if you want to engage in a bit of quiet practicing without disturbing anyone else in the house. Along with this greater connectivity, the USB Strat still has the classic Fender look and tone. Retailing for just $200, the Squier USB-enabled Strat is a tremendous potential asset for anyone into digital home recording and could make the ideal gift for the creative guitarist in your life.


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