Holiday Gift Tip: Pigtronix FAT Drive Pedal

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Holiday Gift Tip: Pigtronix FAT Drive Pedal

Analog tube overdrive sound comes in cool retro stompbox


By Alex Baker


Looking for that perfect holiday gift for the guitarist who has everything? Maybe you should consider the FAT Drive Pedal from Pigtronix.


If you’re looking for classically overdriven blues guitar tone with rich saturation and an abundance of analog warmth (and who doesn’t like analog warmth at the holidays?) this is a great pedal for you. Pigtronix take a futuristic approach to analog and the FAT Drive features multiple cascaded gain stages that give it a wide range of different tonal possibilities.


The FAT features a classic overdrive pedal three-knob layout with volume, gain, and tone. The pedal is made doubly versatile by a floor switch that reconfigures its gain structure which significantly increases the amount of analog drive it produces.


FAT is definitely a good way to describe this pedal’s sound. However FAT is actually an acronym for Futurist Analog Technology. The company brings this technology to bear in a compact pedal that delivers credible tube simulation, good touch sensitivity, and substantial low end gain.


The pedal’s tone know also controls a low pass filter that can helps shape the tone. This knob can be turned all the way clockwise to remove the filter completely and attain total tonal transparency and robust low end.


Versatile and cool to look at, the Pigtronix FAT Drive retails for around $128 and is compact enough to be a stocking stuffer. Check out the Pigtronix website for more info.

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