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Holiday Gift Tip: Pedaltrain 2

Lightweight, solid, and highly portable unit keeps pedals in line


By Alex Baker




Guitarists can’t get enough of them, which is fine provided they can find a way to manage all of them.


However this is easier said than done and for many guitarists setting up for a jam session, to record, or play a gig, can seem like rewiring a toaster with all the carefully ordered connections needed to properly configure your various pedals. The solution is of course to attach them all to a pedalboard and the one we recommend is the Pedaltrain 2.


Pedaltrain specializes in making pedalboards and the Pedaltrain 2 is their most popular model. And for good reason, this low-priced unit easily accommodates a wah pedal and a dozen other standard-sized stompboxes. At just seven lbs it’s pretty solid without being heavy.


The Pedaltrain 2 is available with a tour grade flight case or with a tough cordura nylon gig bag with protective paneling.


The hard case model typically goes for under $200, while the soft case version is closer to $120, making either one an ideal gift for any guitarist on your list.


Visit the Pedaltrain website to find out where you can get one.

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