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GSTV sat down with some of the top gear companies to see what they have in store for guitarists this year. We got a peak at some great new products from the Australia-based DVK Technologies which is a pedal producing project featuring electronics pedal freak Craig Paine and longtime professional guitarist Brett Kingman. All the pedals are designed and built in Melbourne, Australia.

The Mrs is a dual function pedal featuring a booster and a compressor. Because The Mrs features two circuits (compressor and booster) you can, of course, combine the two. Doing so will give you a sonic pallet that goes from loud and clean to outright filthy. If desired, you can drive the booster harder with the compressor side resulting in some pretty crazy (and loud!) dirt tones. This sort of application is just the thing to push an amp in near breakup mode right over the edge. This is four the adventurous player that is into experimenting. Buy HERE.

The Silver Top is a dual function pedal featuring our take on a classic overdrive and vibe. The overdrive is based on the tried and true ‘TS’ type classic. However, DVK have tweaked it to their preference to offer a wider tonal pallet. It can be used as an almost clean boost or medium crunch machine and everything in between. This is for the player interested in discovery new sonic landscapes. Buy HERE.


The  Gold Top is a dual function pedal featuring our take on a classic fuzz and vibe. The circuits can be engaged separately or used together for some great modulated fuzz tones. One of the more unique attributes is a toggle switch that lets you change the stacking order of these effects – fuzz before vibe or visa versa. This is for the player who heavily influenced by the sounds and playing of yore but looking to bring them to a whole new level. Buy HERE.

The Hair Ball is  dual-purpose guitar pedals based on classic circuits. This pedal takes the concept of Overdrive & Boost as a combination to mind melting levels. The drive is quite high in gain with a custom voiced tone circuit. It also cleans up nicely and responds well to your picking style and guitar volume setting. This is for the payer to likes to play loud and hard, and channels their aggression into their playing. Buy HERE.

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