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Holiday Feature: The New Mastersounds

Kids on Christmas are typically up before the sun rises, hopped up on holiday cheer, and can’t control the urge to begin ripping every present with their name on it open. What is a parent to do though, when that is not the case? There’s no way to return to Santa’s workshop. Simon Allen, drummer of The New Mastersounds, shares the story of how his son was not too thrilled with the drum kit Santa delivered. Don’t worry though, Allen’s son had a change of heart in the end.
A couple of Christmases ago I bought a kids’-size drum kit for my little boy and installed it next to my full-size kit in the music room at home. When it was unveiled (accompanied by an intricate explanation of how Father Christmas had got it there) said child’s indifferent response was crushing and contrasted starkly with his keen interest in the drum kit app on my iPhone. Fast forward two years and he has chosen to take drum lessons at school but has just outgrown the mini-kit. Doh!

- Simon Allen