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Hicksville Trailer Palace: A Cool Getaway

Hicksville, anyone? Looking for a cool place to get away from it all? Take a weekend off, decompress, maybe write or even record a song or two? Consider a road trip to the Hicksville Trailer Palace in Joshua Tree; just two hours outside of L.A.


Opened in 2010, Hicksville is a unique motel and artist retreat with accommodations that consist of vintage Airstream-type trailers, each of which is decorated in its own unique theme.


There’s a ‘70s bachelor pad trailer known as The Sweet that features an 8-track tape player and an electric fireplace. Or maybe you’d be more at home in The Lux, a punk/tiki themed number named in honor of late Cramps frontman Lux Interior. It’s got a jukebox and a TV that only shows horror movies.


Of course the crown jewel of Hicksville is The New World, a 40-foot 1950s trailer named after B-movie king Roger Corman’s studio. It boasts a queen bedroom along with bunk beds that can be converted into an editing suite for filmmakers.


There are eight themed trailers to choose from at Hicksville, as well as two similarly themed off-site properties. Nightly rates vary depending on the trailer. Hicksville also maintains a fully functional recording studio on the premises and booking studio time gets you a discount on trailer rental.

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