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Hi Watt Amplification


Guitarists and music fans worldwide have a special fondness for the legendary HiWatt Amplifier, one of the cornerstones of great classic and contemporary Rock sounds. Starting in the late 1960s, together with Marshall and Vox amps, this company continues to represent a major force is defining the so-called “British sound” that has thrilled audiences around the world. Over the years, HiWatt gear has been used by cool artists such as The Who, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, The Killers, The Hives, Kid Rock, Journey, and many others.



As the name implies, HiWatt amps deliver an awesome sonic punch. These amps mean business. Here’s how the company describes one of its Custom Classic Guitar Heads (Amps): “Its studio setting uses two EL-84 tubes in the power section to give you the sustain and overdrive you need at more manageable levels… Switch to Stage setting and use all four EL-84′s together with our special wound transformer, giving you all the power and sustain you need… Still not enough, then pull out the gain switch for serious overdrive, but yet still hear the tone of your guitar… How a classic British valve amp should sound. Now dial in the all tube design Accutronics spring reverb, back off your guitar volume and you have the coolest sounding amp on the planet.”


Today, HiWatt offers an exciting range of amplification solutions designed to appeal to wide range of players, styles and price points. According to one review, the company’s “Hi-Gain series should attract a new generation of players who love the classic Hiwatt sound but are also looking for more modern and aggressive tones.”


The legend lives on! Rock on with HiWatt and check out the video below describing the Hiwatt 50 Head/Combo!