Hard Rock Hotels Give Away Free Music

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Hard Rock Hotels Give Away Free Music

If Peter Morton and Isaac Tigrett called their London, England spot the Soft Rock Café in 1971, the clientele probably would have ended up super lame.


Good thing they were smart and started classing up the joint with hard rock memorabilia that landed them enough vibe to spread to the States and other parts of the world like wildfire, otherwise an unruly trip to Las Vegas wouldn’t be nearly as Rock ‘n’ Roll.


Today, that initial iconic English cafe has morphed into a gigantic presence of hotels, casinos and 149 restaurants spanning 53 countries. You can even live at the one in San Diego—it’s actually got condominiums built into the hotel that are for sale as Downtown Gaslamp district properties.


While the locations can vary as restaurants, hotels, resort getaways or casino vacation spots, one thing is for certain: They want you to rock while you’re there. In addition to Las Vegas and San Diego, some of the notable Hard Rock Hotel locations include Bali, Chicago, Orlando, Singapore, and Tampa.


The Sound of Your Stay

Hard Rock Hotels have added a pretty cool feature to their room keys—they double as iPods once you check in. Once you get your keys from the front desk, you can download a free playlist of awesome rock, internationally agreeable to suit the vibe of all Hard Rock locations.


The hotel actually paired up with bloggzilla media mogul Perez Hilton to create the ultimate mix tape for guests vacationing or visiting at Hard Rock Hotel locations across the globe.


Guests can just grab a pass code off their room key and visit a dedicated Hard Rock website to download their complimentary mix to rock along to while there.

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