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Guitar App of the Month: Guitar Jam Tracks

Practicing on your own is fun again with Ninebuzz’s cool line of Guitar Jam Tracks apps

Let’s face it, even for the most dedicated of guitarists, practicing alone without accompaniment can make it difficult to find inspiration.


Enter the Guitar Jam Tracks series of apps, which enables you to play on your own but feel like you’ve got a full band backing you up!


This cool app series developed by Ninebuzz provides full band backing tracks for a variety of musical genres including rock, reggae, jazz, acoustic blues and humbucker blues. There’s also a scale trainer and practice buddy app available in the series.

All the apps in the Guitar Jam Tracks series have a built-in upgrade option for Garage Rock, as well as an option for floating in tracks you’ve recorded in GarageBand.


Apps in the Guitar Jam Tracks series got for $1.99 a pop and are available at the App Store.

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