GSTV Artist to watch in 2012: Jake Bugg – “Lightning Bolt”

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GSTV Artist to watch in 2012: Jake Bugg – “Lightning Bolt”

Jake Bugg is a modern-day Brit-popper with a sound that’s part Arctic Monkeys and part Donovan


By Alex Baker


Already on his way to being an indie pop star of sorts in the U.K., Jake Bugg is a teenage singer/songwriter from Nottingham.


But his folksy style is something of a departure from your average neo-Britpop band. Bugg’s self-titled debut album owes as much to Donovan and Dylan as it does to the likes of Oasis and the Arctic Monkeys. One of the striking things about Jake Bugg is how seamlessly the teenage rocker with the twangy voice and guitar sound seems to reconcile his two most readily apparent influences. Produced by Snow Patrol‘s Iain Archer, Bugg’s debut is the perfect distillation of the British folk rock sound with Britpop from the Nineties and Noughties.


Having already made an appearance at the UK’s massive annual Glastonbury Festival last year, 2013 could be a breakout year for Jake Bugg. In this video for his debut single “Lightning Bolt” the British teenage put on his best Liam Gallagher sneer, headed across the channel and took it to the streets of Amsterdam.

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