GSTV Artist Showcase Encore: Johnny Cooper

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GSTV Artist Showcase Encore: Johnny Cooper

Texas country rocker Johnny Cooper kicks up some red dirt


By Alex Baker


Texas rocker Johnny Cooper first showed up on our radar when they won our Artist Showcase competition almost two years ago. Arizona-born Cooper moved to Texas as a child and it was in the Lone Star State that the singer/guitarist had his formative years as a musician, going pro as a teenager and becoming a favorite on the regional “Red Dirt” scene.


In his decade as a touring professional, Cooper has recorded and released several studio albums and evolved away from his country roots towards a sound that leans more heavily on rock, soul and funk. Meanwhile, with each passing year Cooper seems to move one step closer to breaking through from regional success to a more widespread national acclaim.


We’ve been in Johnny’s corner for a while now and believe it’s a matter more of “when” not “if” in terms of him breaking through. Check out our exclusive interview/performance video of Johnny Cooper, Texas’ rising star.

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