Shop Spotlight: Gruhn’s Guitars – Nashville

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Shop Spotlight: Gruhn’s Guitars – Nashville

To call George Gruhn a mere guitar expert would be to understate the depth and breadth of his vast knowledge. He is a true guitar intellectual, and a walking encyclopedia of detailed information about the history, physics, and the taxonomy of electric and acoustic guitars, mandolins, banjos, and related instruments.


George Gruhn

Educated in Biology, Zoology, and English Literature at Vanderbilt and The University of Chicago, George originally studied snakes and reptiles (!) but later decided to pursue his true passion, vintage guitars. (George still has a fascinating exotic snake collection.) He opened Gruhn’s Guitars in Nashville in 1970 and has advised and supplied fine instruments to some of the biggest names in music including Eric Clapton, Billy Gibbons, Hank Williams Jr., Rick Nielsen, and many, many others. George shared some of his insights and great vintage axes with Guitar Shop TV in Part One of this exclusive extended conversation.

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