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Gittler Guitar’s Kickstarter Campaign

Crowdfunding campaign underway to relaunch innovative minimalist guitar line


Back in the 1970s, musician and minimalist artist Alan Gittler had an innovative idea. What it you stripped away all the excess elements of the electric guitar and whittled the instrument down to its essential core?


The result was the Gittler Guitar, a unique titanium instrument that dispensed with what Gittler felt was a sentimental attachment to the shape and form of acoustic guitars.


Patented in 1976, only a few hundred original Gittlers were manufactured during the late ’70s and early ’80s. One of them found its way into the hands of Andy Summers who can be seen playing it in The Police‘s video for “Synchronicity II.”


Alan Gittler eventually emigrated to Israel where he changed his name and licensed production of the guitars to another company.


Today Gittler’s son Jonathon is involved in an effort to relaunch Gittler Guitars and together with Gittler Instruments LLC, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the project. With most of the major guitar magazines and publications already poised and ready to review the new line of Gittlers, at this point, all that’s needed is capital.


Rewards for contributing to Gittler’s Kickstarter range from a “warm thank you” to an original Gittler from the ’70s, to being flown to their offices and filmed demoing the instrument for the company’s website.


To see the Gittler in action, check out this smartphone video of the guitar being put through the paces at the 2013 NAMM show.



If you’d like to find out about contributing to the revitalization of this most innovative of guitar brands, visit the Gittler Guitars Kickstarter page.

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