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Gibson Les Paul ’70s Tribute

The new Les Paul Studio ’70s tribute offers a classic twist on the beloved tone machine


By Alex Baker


With Gibson having officially deemd 2013 as the “Year of the Les Paul,” the storied American guitar manufacturer will be releasing a number of variations on the iconic Les Paul this year. One such model is the Gibson Les Paul ’70s Tribute.


Now if you can overlook the fact that Gibson’s tribute to the “me decade” comes in the form of a Les Paul Studio, a model that was first introduced in 1983, there’s actually an awful lot to like about this guitar. For one thing, it’s affordable. It also boasts a thin-to-thick neck profile that really does lend it the feel of a Les Paul Goldtop from the 1970s. Outfitted with a pair of Dual Blade Alnico Mini Humbuckers, the ’70s Tribute provides a vintage tone that’s versatile and loaded with squash and gain. These entirely new pickups have many of the finer qualities of the Mini Humbucker pickups found in actual Les Pauls from the ’70s.


Visually, the guitar most closely resembles a Les Paul Deluxe from the ’70s, and is available in four different finishes: Vintage Sunburst, Cherry, Gold Top, and Silver Burst.


The Les Paul ’70s Tribute features a mahogany body and a solid carved maple top that lend to its rich tonal quality. Unlike many actual Gibson Les Pauls from the ’70s, the Tribute’s mahogany back is strategically weight relieved, which makes it less of a burden to your back and improves resonance slightly.


If you’re looking for an affordably-priced Gibson Les Paul, the ’70s Tribute is definitely worth checking out. For more information, visit

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