Holiday Gift Guide: Andrew Charles Rock Fashion

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Holiday Gift Guide: Andrew Charles Rock Fashion


Looking to get in touch with your inner rock star in 2012? Or maybe just kick up your outter coolness a notch? We suggest starting with your wardrobe and looking at the exciting rock and roll inspired clothing line, Andrew Charles.


Andy Hilfiger, musician and life-long clothing enthusiast, has created a cool fashion line that integrates the inspiring sounds of rock n roll with with unique visual designs. Inspiration for the men’s items is drawn from Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler; who continues to make enduring fashion statements throughout his musical endeavors. The women’s side of the brand reflects a flashback to the carefree attitude and flowing design silhouettes of the 1970s.


The Andrew Charles line can be found exclusively at Macy’s in select stores nationwide and online.


Two great pieces within the women’s wear are the Sequined Mini and the Animal Printed Mini. Both dresses would make great holiday gifts and are fun to wear while attending parties, rocking on stage, or just standing in the audience. They are both highly versatile designs that can both exude glamour or keep it on the casual side. Fashion and functionality are incorporated into each mini dress, making them stand out pieces that can be worn time and time again.


So for all of you fashion-conscious rockers out there, be sure to check out the Andrew Charles clothing line for your next hit outfit!