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Gear Gift Guide: AmpKit + AmpKitLiNK

Have you ever wished you could conveniently carry your amp in your back pocket? Well, thanks to AmpKit, you can now tote one around on any of your Apple products. AmpKit developed by Agile Partners is the ultimate guitar amp effects and recording app for iPadiPhone and iPod touch; delivering by far the best-sounding, most realistic guitar tone on iOS. The AmpKit app allows you to have an amp, full of effects and the ability to record on the go. So no more lost riffs, and no more strokes of genius lost to poor recording devices or memory lapses.

AmpKit LiNK, a device built specifically for the AmpKit App by  Peavey Electronics is a high fidelity guitar interface, that, enables you to plug in and play anywhere, any time!


The AmpKit App along with  the AmpKit LiNK are the perfect present for any musician in your life who is on the go and enjoys no restrictions.