Shop Spotlight: Gary’s Classic Guitars – Cincinnati

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Shop Spotlight: Gary’s Classic Guitars – Cincinnati

An Exclusive Look at Some Incredible Rare Guitars

Guitar Shop TV meets with Gary Dick, owner of Gary’s Classic Guitars in Cincinnati, Ohio, for an exclusive look at some incredible vintage Gibsons.


Gary has been has been collecting, playing, and dealing in fine vintage guitars and rare guitars for more than 25 years. Buying and selling guitars began as a hobby, until 1993, when he left a successful corporate career to focus his attention full time on his true passion: making top quality, rare guitars and vintage guitars available to fellow musicians, investors and collectors. According to Gary: “We treat every guitar we handle as a valued member of our family, which is why professional musicians (including some of the industry’s biggest names) look to us for their very special guitar purchases.”


In this video, Gary shares with us some of the most exciting examples from his extensive vintage inventory, including some immaculate Les Paul Goldtops and ES-335‘s from the 1950′s and 60′s.

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